More News on Ogbomoso Land

  • Ogbomoso Aarada Oko Road, abandoned road for many years now get approval by President Buhari Administrations. The entire road projects remain just 20% to be completed.
  • Ogbomoso gets 1st Private University located at “Okin Village”, its approved name called “Okin Private University”.
  • Ogbomoso achieved another Private School of Health Sciience called BETHSIDIA COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCE located along Ogbomoso-Iwo Road.
  • Ogbomoso Owode Police Division experienced a new Area Commander in Person of Mr Adegbite. He resumed Office on November 2016 till date.
  • About 5 new standard 6 Stars Hotel built in Ogbomoso City. Namely Antimagise Hotel, Ragarey Hotel, Talking Drum Hotel, White Horse Hotel, Love D-Light Hotel, etc.
  • Ogbomoso Pivotal Club Lagos inaugurated 2017 Ogbomoso Students Sons & Daugthers Scholarship Award.
  • Crown FC remained in Nigeria 2nd League Division.
  • Okoto Jesu World Outreach popularly known as “Baba Okoto Jesu Church in Ogbomoso”  launched a new World Class Website for their Church, with the website address
  • Parrot FM launched a new website called

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